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Who am I?

Tim Field

My firm’s name is Lifestyle Future and I am a Later Lifestyle Advocate and Manager (LLAM).


Having acquired lifetime experience in financial planning and advice, the last 20 years of which have been focused on funding for Long Term Care, specialising in later lifestyle planning was a natural progression. During that time, in addition to my private practice, I was a director of IFACare, a not for profit company, which provided guidance, training and support to both Independent Financial Advisers and Solicitors in connection with their clients requiring advice on how to deal with care home fees and Inheritance Tax planning.  With this legacy behind me I was inspired to enhance the services I offered my clients, their family and carers, and the strategic partners with whom I also work closely. I have broadened the scope of my activities and support services outside of the financial services sector.


I provide for you

Independent practical guidance and support to people in later life and to their carers. I do this in all areas of social, hospital and community care, personal well-being, lifestyle planning and day to day management of affairs.

What do I do?

I assist my clients in Lifestyle Planning and Guidance through independent case management and advocacy in later life. I help them realise that it is possible to live a fulfilling life whilst maintaining independence, dignity and security. I devote all my energy, enthusiasm and lifetime experience to holistic planning for healthcare, social welfare and personal wellbeing matters. I work closely with families and their friends, healthcare professionals, carers, nominated attorneys, specialist later life lawyers and financial planners. I am dedicated in providing guidance, support, community and welfare information to people through the retirement years, their advancing frailty, the ageing process and through to end of life.

To further demonstrate my commitment to this area of specialisation, I am an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friend and Champion, see

These are voluntary functions and are part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2012, which encourages Dementia Friends and others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in their community.

Under the same National Challenge, I am a volunteer for Dementia Action Alliance (DAA). DAA is a social movement and I am the Lead Coordinator and Chairman for the Solihull DAA (SDAA). I work closely with the West Midlands DAA, Solihull Adult Social Services, local businesses, communities and organisations. Under my Chairmanship, the SDAA has increased it’s membership by over 100%. My firm, Lifestyle Future is a member of the SDAA and we have made a commitment to work together with other group members towards creating a local dementia friendly community and to take practical action to enable, encourage and support people and their carers to live well with dementia.

How do I do this?

Rather than just writing a few words explaining my services, I asked one of my clients to write about why and how we met, her story and the journey we have shared together over the last few years.

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Who am I?

Philip Braunstein

Previously for some 20 years I was engaged in financial services. For most of that time I was a Partner in an Independent practice. I specialised in Long Term Care fee planning. I became a director of IFACare, which is where, nearly 15 years ago, I became associated with Tim.


I provide 

The administrative base for CAFEtalk. I am the first port of call for all enquiries. Together with Tim, I coordinate seminars and client meetings.


What do I do?

Since retiring from financial services I have focused on care for the elderly, especially in respect of those with Dementia. I have a particular interest in the problems faced by the NHS, in what is colloquially referred to as, "bed-blocking". One of the main causes of this is that elderly patients are "victims" of delayed discharge. There are two main reasons for this: (1) There is a shortage of appropriate accommodation. (2) The liaison between the hospital and Social Services is, shall we say, not as efficient as we (and they) would like it to be.

Over the years I have been able to guide people through the labyrinth of care provision and referred many people to Tim and other specialists in the care arena. As Tim worked predominantly around the Midlands, I have "persuaded" him to make himself more available to a wider audience. I also assist with mediation in respect of Wrongful Charging of Care Fees.

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