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Reclaiming Care & Nursing Home Fees


Wrongly Assessed NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding in Respect of Nursing Care Costs


Has a family member been correctly assessed?

Do you pay for care that you need not?

Do you consider it is perhaps too late to look into this?


Perhaps you are unable to answer these questions, however, we can.


NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is the system whereby the NHS pays "in full"1 nursing care costs. It is not means tested. Sadly though many people "fall through the net" and end up paying for something that they need not.


For the uninitiated, inexperienced, it is complex, frustrating and highly emotional. Thankfully, there are specialists who can help you obtain refunds of care home fees as well as other charges that you need not have paid.


Our approach to these claims is different:-

1) A solicitor might not be necessary in some cases.

2) There is no need for claims to "drag on".

3) There may be no need to pay solicitors a percentage of what they get back for you.



1 The extent to which the NHS pays is in part dependent on geographical location.





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