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What We Do

The following are the areas in which CAFEtalk can assist in advising, negotiating and liaising for you.

1. Accommodation

  • Relocating and Upgrading

  • Appropriate, affordable and sustainable for current & future needs

  • Social Welfare

  • Community Care and Support and Personal Wellbeing Matters


2. Hospital Discharge

  • Liaising with NHS and Social Services Discharge teams

  • Intermediate, Respite and Reablement Care

  • Guidance and Support Through Advancing Frailty

  • Family and Informal Carers, Care Widows and Widowers

3. Financial Assessments

  • Benefits,

  • Means Testing

  • Non-Mean Testing

  • Disregarded Assets

  • 12 Week Disregard

  • Deferred Payment Arrangements (DPA)

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Previously known as Disability Living Allowance (DLA)


4. Health Assessments

  • NHS Funded Nursing Care Contribution and Continuing Health Care


5. Financial Affairs

  • Cash flow budgeting

  • Forecasting and Planning

  • Savings Investments

  • Taxation


6. Care Fee Planning and Funding

  • Domiciliary or Residential Long Term Care

  • Preservation of acquired Wealth and Assets for Remaining Life Expectancy


7. Succession Planning; Gifts and Wealth Distribution to chosen Beneficiaries

  • End of Life Planning and Management through to Spousal Survivor Planning

  • Post Death Guidance and Support

  • Planning and Guidance through Widow/Widowerhood

Bespoke Services
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