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Important questions you need to be asking about diminishing health and advancing frailty


What level of care is required?

Where is it best provided?

How much will it cost?

Who pays?

Before you and your family meet with your care professionals, you should have an idea of the answers to these questions


Whilst it is possible that all the answers and support you need can be found by "trawling" the web, speaking to Government/Local Authorities, specialist solicitors/financial advisers and care related charities, it's another matter applying them. After all, just because you might know the rules of, say football, does not mean that you can actually play and even if you could, would it be at a premier league level?


CAFEtalk know the rules, how to apply them, how to obtain your full entitlement and will help to relieve you of the pressure and stress.


CAFEtalk takes the technical, medical, scientific, legal and bureaucratic jargon and converts it into the language of CAFEtalk -simple language for everyone.


With this knowledge you will become proficient in being able to obtain the right care and support for your loved one. CAFEtalk excels by providing a comprehensive range of care advice and support services, bespoke to your individual needs and delivered in a caring manner.

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